Changemakers Summer Camp!



Welcome to Changemaker Summer Camp! This year, our focus is… I am a Changemaker!  What is a Changemaker? A Changemaker is someone who takes care of themselves, takes care of others, and praises God for all the good work that happens in our lives. A Changemaker is someone who can’t just sit there and be content with the way things are–a changemaker goes out and makes the world a better place by taking care of themselves, taking care of others, and praising God.  Each day our camp will have a different theme, I am Generous, I am Peaceful, I am Compassionate, I am a Problem Solver, I am Part of the Community, we’ll explore these themes through cooking, stories, singing, crafts, science and more. This camp is an engaging five days to help teach kids how they can be changemakers in their every day life.

Everybody is welcome!! You don’t need to be part of our church or have ever attended church to join in the fun! We are also open to children with all abilities. If your child has any special needs let us know and we are happy to accommodate. We are asking for a donation fee of $0-$30 depending on your ability. We don’t want financial costs to be an impediment from anyone joining us.

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Join us for Worship on Sundays at 10:45am 

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Crossroads June 2018

Sunday July 15th
10:30am – Special Music Performance (Sanctuary)
10:45am – Worship (Sanctuary)
11:45am – Fellowship (Sanctuary)

Monday July 16th
8am-4pm – A Little Yumminess Camp (Kitchen & Multipurpose Room)

Tuesday July 17th
8am-4pm – A Little Yumminess Camp (Kitchen & Multipurpose Room)
1:30-5pm – Curry Without Worry (Kitchen)
7-8:30pm – Bethany Knits (Sanctuary)

Wednesday July 18th
8am-4pm – A Little Yumminess Camp (Kitchen & Multipurpose Room)
7-9pm – Sangha Meditation Group (Sanctuary)

Thursday July 19th
8am-4pm – A Little Yumminess Camp (Kitchen & Multipurpose Room)
7-9:30pm – Bell Appeal Rehearsal (Sanctuary)
7-9pm – Al-Anon (Multipurpose Room)

Friday July 20th
8am-4pm – A Little Yumminess Camp (Kitchen & Multipurpose Room)
3:30-5:30pm – Moldovan Graduation (Sanctuary)

Saturday July 21st
Overnight Youth Group (Multipurpose and Upstairs classroom)

Sunday July 22nd
10:45am – Worship (Sanctuary)
11:45am – Fellowship (Sanctuary)